75% Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes

Packing Details: 80 Pieces | Measurement: 15cm x 20cm

Sanitary Execution Standard Code (China): GB15979
Manufacting Hygiene License: (2017) No. 1205
Product Implementation Standard: GB / T27728

Product Barcode: 9329062009525

Ingredients: 75% Alcohol (Ethanol), High quality non-woven fabric.

Effectiveness: Effectively kill various types of pathogens and bacteria 99.9%

Care and Precautions:
1. As it contains a high concentration of ehtanol, it should be store in a dark place and away from fire. Pay attention to fire prevention.
2. Close the lid tightly to prevent volatilization.
3. Avoid using it on delicate skin areas such as mucous membranes.
4. Do not throw it into open lidded garbage bins. put it in closed garbage bins.

This “棉露” product is exclusively distributed in Australia by CottonDew Sydney.